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Another point of view
Another point of view (2018)
Origin: Palestine | Documentary | Director: Bilal Alkhatib | 19 minutes

Fadel has a so-called mental illness and Najeeba sees the reality her own way

Another World in Your Eyes (Un autre monde dans tes yeux)
Another World in Your Eyes (Un autre monde dans tes yeux) (2017)
Origin: France Jordan | Documentary | Director: Valery Malek | 60 minutes

A dialogue of images establishes a relation between the oriental woman and the occidental one

An Untimely film for every one and no one
An Untimely film for every one and no one (2018)
Origin: Palestine Armenia USA | Documentary | Director: Ayreen Anastas | 90 minutes

Adaptation of Nietzsche’s “Thus Spoke Zarathustra” in the contemporary Arab world

An Unusual Summer
An Unusual Summer (2020)
Origin: Palestine Germany | Documentary | Director: Kamal Aljafari | 80 minutes

Following an act of vandalism, the filmmaker's father decides to install a surveillance camera to record the scenes unfolding in front of the house

A Palestinian mural
A Palestinian mural (2008)
Origin: Unknown | Documentary | Director: Norma Shiheiber | 5 minutes

Attempt to create a campus mural featuring Edward Said and Palestinian culture

A Palestinian woman
A Palestinian woman (2006)
Origin: Palestine | Documentary | Director: Andrew Courtney | 28 minutes

Documentary, filmed alongside the wall that Israel continues to build in the West Bank

Apart (2013)
Origin: Palestine | Documentary | Director: Sami Shehade | 20 minutes

An accordion player who left Gaza in 1995 to study music in the West Bank

Apartment 10/14 (Suspended Time)
Apartment 10/14 (Suspended Time) (2013)
Origin: Palestine | Fiction | Director: Tarzan and Arab Nasser | 8 minutes

On a birthday between dream and reality

A pen from Megiddo
A pen from Megiddo (2017)
Origin: Palstine | Fiction | Director: Muhammad Hushieh | 10 minutes

The film revolves around Eman and her conflict with time

A People Without a Land
A People Without a Land (2014)
Origin: USA | Israel | UK | Palestine | Documentary | Director: Eliyahu Ungar-Sargon | 78 minutes

The story of individuals who have moved beyond traditional notions of Zionism and are working to build a future based on integration rather than separation