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Abbas 36
Abbas 36 (2019)
Origin: Palestine | Documentary | Director: Marwah Jbara Tibi & Nidal Rafa | 72 minutes

Nidal Rafa’s search for the house’s original owners of 36 Abbasstreet, Haifa

Abe (2019)
Origin: Israel | Fiction | Director: Fernando Grostein Andrade | 85 minutes

12-year old Abe tries to unite his half-Israeli, half Palestinian family through food

A Borrowed Village
A Borrowed Village (2010)
Origin: Israel | Documentary | Director: Shirli Michalevicz | 7 ? minutes

The old village of Deir Yassin has now been turned into an asylum foor mentally ill Israelis and Palestinians, surrounded by a society of madness

A Bottle in the Gaza Sea (Une bouteille dans la mer de Gaza)
A Bottle in the Gaza Sea (Une bouteille dans la mer de Gaza) (2011)
Origin: Israel France | Fiction | Director: Thierry Binisti | 90 minutes

A young French woman living in Jerusalem, develops a turbulent yet tender long-distance friendship with a young Palestinian

A boy, a wall and a donkey
A boy, a wall and a donkey (2008)
Origin: Palestine | Fiction | Director: Hany Abu Assad | 4 minutes

Intent on making a film, a group of young boys don't let limited resources stand in their way

Abu Jamil st.
Abu Jamil st. (2010)
Origin: France Israel | Documentary | Director: Alexis Monchovet | 52 minutes

Palestinian tunnel workers burrowing under the Gaza strip

Abu Khalil Grove
Abu Khalil Grove (2006)
Origin: Palestine | Documentary | Director: Nizar Hassan | 68 minutes

Nizar Hassan’s latest documentary is a hybrid. Part oral history project, part detective story, Karem Abou Khalil (Abou Khalil Grove) tells one Palestinian family’s history from the Ottoman to the Israeli periods

A Cell That Looks To The Sea
A Cell That Looks To The Sea (2018)
Origin: Palestine Germany | Documentary | Director: Saed Omar | 6.5 minutes

A poetic journey of a Palestinian, whose unbowed desire to go to the sea and his original hometown Jaffa, leads him behind bars

A Common Goal
A Common Goal (2020)
Origin: Israel | Documentary | Director: Shuki Gozhik | 52 minutes

Almost half the players on the Israeli National Soccer Team are Muslim, including the captain. The team’s diverse group of players causes controversy.

Across the Line (Me'ever Lakav)
Across the Line (Me'ever Lakav) (2017)
Origin: Israel | Fiction | Director: Nadav Shlomo Giladi | 29 minutes

Young religious Jew encounters Palestinian hitchhiker