9 star hotel (2006)

Origin: Unknown | Documentary | Director: Ido Haar | 78 minutes

9 star hotel

Ido Haar 2006 documentary 78 min.

In the West Bank, thousands of Palestinians are compelled by economic
necessity to work illegally as construction labourers, building Israel's
settlements and cities. After an arduous and dangerous journey, loaded with
blankets and bags, they cross the hills to the places where they can find
employment. At night they sleep on the hillcrests in improvised huts and
coffinlike sleeping cubicles, a stark contrast to the luxury apartment
complexes they build by day. But they have made homes for themselves,
complete with pillows and even power generated by batteries they've scraped
together. In 9 Star Hotel, the filmmakers follow coworkers Ahmed and
Muhammad they share food, belongings and stories, and live under the
constant threat of arrest police, soldiers and the secret service are all
tirelessly on the alert for illegal workers.

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