Abbas 36 (2019)

Origin: Palestine | Documentary | Director: Marwah Jbara Tibi & Nidal Rafa | 72 minutes

This documentary follows the story of two Palestinian families who lived in the same home on 36 Abbas Street in Haifa. The Abu-Ghaida family were forced to leave their house when Haifa fell in 1948, and dream of returning to their stolen family home. The Rafa family bought the house from its “unlawful” owners and insist that its rightful owners will inevitably return one day. Following the Abu-Ghaida and Rafa families over a year, the film documents Nidal’s search for the house’s original owners and Dina’s efforts to return and retrieve part of her family home. This deeply personal journey examines the impacts of the Nakba and Naksa, and explores the meaning of return and belonging and the challenges of resilience and steadfastness in the homeland.

Watch here the discussion about Abbas 36 with the directors Marwah Jbara-Tibi and Nidal Rafa with Dina Abu-Ghaida.:

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