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A Date
A Date (2011)
Origin: Palestine | Fiction | Director: Omaima Hamouri | 5 minutes

Reem has a date with a boy she encountered on social media. Whilw waiting she is taken away by her fertile imagination

A Day in Palestine
A Day in Palestine (2007)
Origin: Canada | Documentary | Director: Mary Ellen Davis | 5 minutes

Scenes of everyday life in the occupied Palestinian territories

A Drowning man
A Drowning man (2017)
Origin: Denmark UK Greece | Documentary | Director: Mahdi Fleifel | 15 minutes

Alone and far from home, The Kid is forced to make compromises just to survive

Advocate (2019)
Origin: Israel Canada Switzerland | Documentary | Director: Rachel Leah Jones | 110 minutes

Life and work of Israeli human rights lawyer Lea Tsemel

After the sunset
After the sunset (2017)
Origin: Denmark | Documentary | Director: Elia Ghorbia | 11 minutes

About the feelings family and relatives are left with after an honor killing

Against the Wall
Against the Wall (2013)
Origin: Qatar | Documentary | Director: Ayed Nabaa | 48 minutes

Israel’s separation wall is 700 kilometres long, stretching from the northern West Bank to its southern tip. We meet the activists using non-violent resistance to oppose the construction of Israel's separation wall.

A Handful of earth
A Handful of earth (2009)
Origin: Unknown | Documentary | Director: Sahera Dirbas | 52 minutes

A Handful of Earth examines the role played by oral histories in maintaining the bond between Palestinian refugees and the homes from which they were driven in 1948

Ahed's Knee
Ahed's Knee (2021)
Origin: Israel | Fiction | Director: Nadav Lapid | 109 minutes

A famous Israeli filmmaker struggles against the loss of freedom in his country

A House in Jerusalem
A House in Jerusalem (1998)
Origin: Israel | France | Documentary | Director: Amos Gitai | 90 minutes

Can a house be a metaphor for Arab-Jewish relations in Israel?

Aid but no state
Aid but no state (2014/15)
Origin: Palestine Germany | Documentary | Director: Sabrina Dittus | 85 minutes

Since the Oslo Accords, over $ 24 billion in international aid has gone to Palestine