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A House in Jerusalem
A House in Jerusalem (1998)
Origin: Israel | France | Documentary | Director: Amos Gitai | 90 minutes

Can a house be a metaphor for Arab-Jewish relations in Israel?

Aida Returns
Aida Returns (2022)
Origin: Palestine | Documentary | Director: Carol Mansour | 75 minutes

When the director's mother dies from Alzheimer, longing for Yafa, her ashes are brought back to where she was born

Aid but no state
Aid but no state (2014/15)
Origin: Palestine Germany | Documentary | Director: Sabrina Dittus | 85 minutes

Since the Oslo Accords, over $ 24 billion in international aid has gone to Palestine

Aisle (2019)
Origin: Lebanon Germany | Documentary | Director: Hicham Kayed | 52 minutes

Some 156,000 asylum seekers entered Germany in 2017 and 5014 died/disappeared travelling in the same year

Ajal Wing
Ajal Wing (2019)
Origin: Jordan | Documentary | Director: Tasneem Abu Sokkur | ? minutes

Echo section of the field

Ajami (2009)
Origin: Israel Germany | Fiction | Director: Scandar Copti & Yaron Shami | 124 minutes

Israeli Arab drama film. Its plot is set in the Ajami neighborhood of Jaffa

A Journey
A Journey (2006)
Origin: Unknown | Documentary | Director: Lamia Joreige | 41 minutes

Joreige's film recalls the history and conflicts of the region, while reflecting on time and loss

A'lam (2022)
Origin: Palestine | Fiction | Director: Saleh Saadi | 25 minutes

Before May moves to the United States, she spends her last night in Jerusalem with Nassim, involving tricky encounters and difficult conversations.

Al Amari (After the rain)
Al Amari (After the rain) (2006)
Origin: Unknown | Documentary | Director: Sylvain Calves | 52 minutes

The film explores the social, political, and economic innerworkings in the refugee camp of Al Amari

A Land Without Borders
A Land Without Borders (2017)
Origin: Israel | Documentary | Director: Michael Alalu | 62 minutes

Writer Nir Baram travels across the West Bank when he loses faith in the two state solution