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A Journey
A Journey (2006)
Origin: Unknown | Documentary | Director: Lamia Joreige | 41 minutes

Joreige's film recalls the history and conflicts of the region, while reflecting on time and loss

Al Amari (After the rain)
Al Amari (After the rain) (2006)
Origin: Unknown | Documentary | Director: Sylvain Calves | 52 minutes

The film explores the social, political, and economic innerworkings in the refugee camp of Al Amari

A Land Without Borders
A Land Without Borders (2017)
Origin: Israel | Documentary | Director: Michael Alalu | 62 minutes

Writer Nir Baram travels across the West Bank when he loses faith in the two state solution

Al Dhakira al Khasba (Fertile Memory)
Al Dhakira al Khasba (Fertile Memory) (1980)
Origin: Belgium Palestine | Fiction | Director: Michel Khleifi | 99 minutes

A portrait of two Palestinian women whose individual struggles both define and transcend politics

Al Helm: Martin Luther King in Palestine
Al Helm: Martin Luther King in Palestine (2013)
Origin: USA | Documentary | Director: Conny Field | 96 minutes

Play about the too-short life of Dr. Martin Luther King

Al-Jiser (The Bridge)
Al-Jiser (The Bridge) (2004)
Origin: Unknown | Documentary | Director: Ibtisam Mara'ana Menuhin | 48 minutes

A look into the lives of residents of the Al-Jiser-Zarka village

All that remains (Ma Tabqa Lakum)
All that remains (Ma Tabqa Lakum) (2005)
Origin: Israel Palestine | Documentary | Director: Nada el Yassir | 52 minutes

The struggle of the Bedouins of the Naqab against Israeli policies

Almost friends
Almost friends (2014)
Origin: Unknown | Fiction | Director: Nitzan Ofir & Barak Heymann | 60 minutes

Samar, an Arab girl from Lod and Linor, a settler who lived in Gush Katif, represent the extremes

al-Nakba: The Palestinian Catastrophe 1948
al-Nakba: The Palestinian Catastrophe 1948 (1997)
Origin: Unknown | Documentary | Director: Benny Brunner | 58 minutes

The Palestinian Catastrophe 1948

Alone (2012)
Origin: Palestine | Documentary | Director: Defence for Children Palestine | 10 minutes

Palestinian Children in the Israeli Military Detention System