Against the Wall (2013)

Origin: Qatar | Documentary | Director: Ayed Nabaa | 48 minutes

We meet the activists using non-violent resistance to oppose the construction of Israel's separation wall.

Israel’s separation wall is 700 kilometres long, stretching from the northern West Bank to its southern tip. Israel claims the wall is necessary for the country’s security. For Palestinians, the separation wall is the latest attempt by the occupying power to unilaterally seize more of their homeland.

The land between the wall and the Green Line is some of the most fertile in the occupied West Bank. According to the United Nations, it is home to nearly 50,000 Palestinians living in 38 villages and towns. The separation wall has had an especially devastating effect on the Palestinian villages that lie directly in its path, where construction has destroyed homes and olive groves. Despite Israel's ongoing construction of the separation wall, several Palestinian villages have mounted fierce resistance.

Palestinians are not alone in their opposition to the separation wall. The International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague declared it illegal in a 2004 advisory opinion, while Israel’s own Supreme Court has said its path must be changed in a few specific locations. The Israeli authorities, meanwhile, have completely ignored the ICJ opinion, and partly implemented domestic court decisions. The separation wall, eight metres high in places and made of a combination of concrete, layers of electrified barbed wire and sand tracks, has become an international symbol of Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people.

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