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West ... East
West ... East (2006)
Origin: Unknown | Fiction | Director: Rina Khoury | 8 minutes

A snapshot of the expulsions of 1948

Western Arabs
Western Arabs (2019)
Origin: Denmark/Netherlands | Documentary | Director: Omar Shargawi | 77 minutes

Family documentary about relationship Palestinian father & son living in Denmark

What everybody knows
What everybody knows (2006)
Origin: Unknown | Documentary | Director: Ayreen Anastas - René Gabri | 118 minutes

Encounters with people struggling, resisting, surviving, suffering and living everyday lives.

What's next?
What's next? (2004)
Origin: Unknown | Fiction | Director: Ghada Terawi | 40 minutes

In 2002 Israeli troops armed invadedRamallah with tanks and aerial support

What Walaa wants
What Walaa wants (2018)
Origin: Palestine | Documentary | Director: Christy Garland | 89 minutes

A bullheaded Palestinian girl decides to become a police officer

When Are You Coming Back, Kees?
When Are You Coming Back, Kees? (2019)
Origin: Netherlands | Documentary | Director: Kees Schaap & Mark Schaap | 54 minutes

After 30 years filmmaker Kees returns to the family his film couldn't save

When I saw you
When I saw you (2012)
Origin: Palestine | Jordan | Greece | United Arab Emirates | Fiction | Director: Annemarie Jacir | 93 minutes

Drama about the new refugees of the war in 1967

When light is displaced
When light is displaced (2021)
Origin: Palestine | Documentary | Director: Zaina Bseiso | 7 minutes

A multigenerational experience in exile. The filmmaker tells her father about her intention to film the last orange grove in Los Angeles because of its parallels with the fate of the Jaffa oranges, but he disagree..

When pigs have wings (Le cochon de Gaza)
When pigs have wings (Le cochon de Gaza) (2011)
Origin: Belgium/Germany/France | Fiction | Director: Sylvain Estibal | 98 minutes

After a tempest fisherman Jafaar from Gaza finds a pig in his net

When the boys return
When the boys return (2012)
Origin: Norway | Documentary | Director: Tone Andersen | 58 minutes

A group of Palestinian youths try to come to terms with their experience of being jailed by Israel.