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You reap what you sow
You reap what you sow (2017)
Origin: Palestine France | Documentary | Director: Alaa Ashkar - Khaled Ibrahim | 70 minutes

Self-reflection and self-discovery rather than a historical/sociological exploration

Your Father Was Born 100 Years Old...  And So Was the Nakba
Your Father Was Born 100 Years Old... And So Was the Nakba (2017)
Origin: Palestine, Lebanon | Fiction | Director: Razan Al-Salah | 7 minutes

Palestinian grandmother returns to her hometown Haifa through Google Maps Streetview

Zahara (2009)
Origin: Palestine | Documentary | Director: Mohammad Bakri | 63 minutes

Beginning with her childhood before the 1948 war we experience, as Zahara grows, the violent establishment of Israel

Zeitounat (Olive tree)
Zeitounat (Olive tree) (2002)
Origin: Palestine | Documentary | Director: Liana Badr | 37 minutes

A film about the relationship between women and their ancestral olive trees

Zinco (2013)
Origin: Jordan | Documentary | Director: Serene Husni | 21 minutes

The evolution of construction material used in building Palestinian refugee houses in the Talbieh Refugee Camp in Jordan

Ziyara (2020)
Origin: France Morocco | Documentary | Director: Simone Bitton | 99 minutes

Bitton returns to her homeland and searches for the traces the Jews have left behind

Zoo (2023)
Origin: Gaza, Palestine | Fiction | Director: Tariq Rimawi | 8 minutes

This short animation is inspired by Gaza’s Zoo where the animals that died due to the war were embalmed and exhibited.