Netflix Launches New Palestinian Film Collection

US-based streaming service Netflix launched a new Palestinian film collection on Thursday, Reuters reported.

The collection, titled ‘Palestinian Stories’, consists in 32 films that are “either helmed by Palestinian filmmakers or about Palestinian stories,” Netflix said in a statement released on Tuesday.

Here is the full list of the Palestinian films:

Salt of this Sea, by Annemarie Jacir
The Present, by Farah Nabulsi
When I Saw You, by Annemarie Jacir
Ghost Hunting, by Raed Andoni
Ave Maria, by Basil Khalil
Frontiers of Dreams and Fears, by Mai Masri
Children of Shatila, by Mai Masri
3000 Nights, by Mai Masri
A Man Returned, by Mahdi Fleifel
A Drowning Man, by Mahdi Fleifel
3 Logical Exits, by Mahdi Fleifel
A World Not Ours, by Mahdi Fleifel
Xenox, by Mahdi Fleifel
Divine Intervention, by Elia Suleiman
Paradise Now, by Elia Suleiman
Chronicle of a Disappearance, by Elia Suleiman
In Vitro, by Linda Sarsour
Maradona’s Legs, by Firas Khoury
The Crossing, by Ameen Naufeh
Bonbone, by Rakan Mayasi
Condom Lead, by Arab and Tarzan Nasser
Mars at Sunrise, by Jessica Habie
Girafada, by Rani Massalha
Samouni Road, by Stefano Savona
The Wanted 18
Others …

Source: The Palestine Chronicle