Zahara (2009)

Origin: Palestine | Documentary | Director: Mohammad Bakri | 63 minutes


Mohammad Bakri 2009 docu 63 min.

Zahara has all the passion of Mohammad Bakri's awardwinning 2002
documentary, Jenin Jenin, wed to a lyrical narrative spanning a generation
of Palestinian history. Zahara is a Palestinian woman, from the village of
alBane in the Galilee. Beginning with her childhood before the 1948 war,
Bakri's compelling new documentary takes us through the country's turbulent
history, as seen through the eponymous heroine's eyes, and the perspectives
of those around her. As Zahara grows, we experience the violent
establishment of Israel, subsequent life under martial law (19481966), and
the radical transformation of Palestinian society from a majority to a
disenfranchised minority in their own homeland.

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