Yellow mums (Sufair) (2010)

Origin: Israel | Fiction | Director: Firas Khoury | 32 minutes

Yellow mums (Sufair)

Firas Khoury 2010 drama 32 min.

In Firas Khoury's award winning short drama, the young Nizar is a devout
but introverted altar boy, often mocked by his peers for his quirky ways
and sartorial "errors" (these include a tendency to combine socks with
sandals). When Nizar joins the other children on an annual Easter egg hunt
and traditional competition in the village, his religious faith inspires a
surprising degree of competitiveness. But when Nizar uncovers a "fake egg",
his Christian convictions are challenged. Khoury's beautifully photographed
debut is a sensitive cultural comedy that will captivate audiences of all ages.


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