Women's testimonies of the nakba (2006)

Origin: Israel | Documentary | Director: Raneen Geries | 10 minutes

Women's testimonies of the nakba

Raneen Geries 2006 docu 10 min.

This short documentary collects the oral history testimonies of five
Palestinian women living inside Israel today. Four of the women are
internally displaced refugees, unable to return to their villages and homes
despite remaining within the boundaries of what became Israel in 1948 the
fifth remains a resident of her original village, Tarshiha in the northern
Galilee. The film aims to convey through these testimonies a sense of
women's lives in rural Palestinian communities prior to, during, and after
the Nakba, and by doing so to contribute to a fuller understanding of the
different and vital roles played by Palestinian women during this period.
The documentation forms part of a wider series of oral history projects
undertaken by the Zochrot organisation in Israel.