Women in the stadium (2011)

Origin: Unknown | Documentary | Director: Sawsan Qaoud | 52 minutes

Women in the stadium

Sawas Qaoud 2011 docu 52 min.

Women in the Stadium was originally produced for the Aljazeera documentary
channel. It tells the stories of four members of the Palestinian Women's
National Football Team as they navigate the physical and societal obstacles
placed in the way of success. While following the trials and tribulations
of the team as it works its way to and from a series of local and
international matches, Qaoud's film also shows how several of these young
sportswomen have emerged as important role models and a source of
inspirations for young women and girls, many of whom have suffered from

Review: https://electronicintifada.net/content/film-review-women-footballers-struggle-play-and-win/10267