Women beyond borders (2003)

Origin: Egypt | Documentary | Director: Jean Chamoun | 58 minutes

Women beyond borders

Jean Chamoun 2003 docu 58 min.

Chamoun is the acclaimed Lebanese director of 'Shadows of the City' and
'Hostage of Time' and together with wife Mai Masri, of numerous documentary
films including 'Suspended Dreams' and 'War GenerationBeirut'. This work
explores the themes of loss, generational divide and women in war that are
found in several of his earlier films. This time, Chamoun (with Masri
serving as producer) turns the camera on female exinmates of the notorious
Khiam prison, run by Israel in southern Lebanon until 2000. Through the
experiences of Kifah Afifi, the viewer is invited to reflect on an earlier
generation of Palestinian women prisoners including poet Fadwa Tukan and
activist Samiha Khalil. The film includes harrowing accounts of life in the
brutal prison as well as inspirational personal testament to the power of
survival and hope against oppression and dehumanisation.

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