What everybody knows (2006)

Origin: Unknown | Documentary | Director: Ayreen Anastas - René Gabri | 118 minutes

What everybody knows

Ayreen Anastas - René Gabri 2006 documentary

In the spring of 2006, Ayreen Anastas (Pasolini Pa* Palestine) and Rene
Gabri travelled to Palestine/Israel, searching, researching, and witnessing
circumstances in the country. They created a series of videos that document
their encounters with people struggling, resisting, surviving, suffering
and living everyday lives. They meet a geographer, a professor, an
activist, a former detainee, an architect, bedouin. What Everybody Knows is
an attempt to think about the question of Palestine and articulate it
through the experiences that these characters offer. The video moves
between documentary and experimental structures, and covers an immense
political and geographical expanse as it brings these living testimonials
together in an epic journey into the core of the Palestinian experience in
Israel/Palestine today.