Welcome to Shatila (2008)

Origin: Unknown | Documentary | Director: Raad Raad | 2 minutes

Welcome to Shatila

Raad Raad 2008 docu 2 min.

Famous throughout the world as the site of the 1982 massacres, the Shatila
refugee camp in Beirut, is also, and firstly, a home to thousands of
Palestinian refugees - survivors, children, fighters, merchants, artists,
businessmen... This short from the Studio Camps collective consists of a
portraitmontage of the camp as a vibrant space of daily life and daily
struggle. The independent collective is comprised of Palestinian and
Lebanese artists and creates experimental artwork and media across various
genres and platforms. From their statement: "we work in collaboration with
our peoples who deal with the burdens of imperialism and economic injustice
every day. Most of our inspiration and work comes from the Palestinian
Refugee Camps."