Welcome to Hebron (2007)

Origin: Sweden | Documentary | Director: Terje Carlsson | 55 minutes

Welcome to Hebron

Terje Carlsson 2007 docu 55 min.

Filmed in Hebron, the West Bank, this debut documentary by Swedish
journalist Terje Carlsson is centred around a touching portrait of 17year
old Leila Sarsour. A student at the AlQurtuba school, Leila's home and
community is surrounded by Israeli military outposts, checkpoints and
settlements. Leila speaks about the oppression that impacts upon her life
and those of her friends and family - in the form of relentless attacks,
harassment and bullying by soldiers and settlers. Carlsson's film is at
once a portrait of one young woman's daily triumphs over oppression and
adversity, and of the tortured city of Hebron itself.

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sUoutzUAHHY

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