Welcome Home (2015)

Origin: Netherlands | Documentary | Director: Frans Bromet | 90 minutes

Welcome Home

Frans Bromet, documentary 90 min. Netherlands, 2015

Filmmaker Frans Bromet is the son of a Jewish father, but he doesn't really feel Jewish himself. He is quite critical of Israel's political role.
In search of the origins of a feud within his family, Bromet heads to Israel, where he visits his emigrated aunt and two cousins,whom he has never met because of the family feud.
With his famously shameless, almost naïve interview style, he questions his family members and other Dutch Jews who have undertaken the aliyah - the move to the "Holy Land" - Why do they want to live in a war zone? Is Israel really so much safer than Amstelveen? And why does every discussion end up in an accusation of anti-Semitism?
As he slowly unravels the cause of the family conflict, the filmmaker notes that his brouilleed relatives are very similar to israel's warring factions. If a small misunderstanding leads to a decades-long conflict in his own family, can the big problems in the Middle East ever be solved?
Bromet's personal quest and his basic questions about Israel form an original approach to the subject, which nevertheless offers new insights into the time-honoured conflict.

Full feature: https://www.2doc.nl/documentaires/series/2doc/2015/november/welkom-thuis.html
(In Dutch/English/Hebrew, Dutch ST)

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