We like life tomorrow (2008)

Origin: Unknown | Documentary | Director: Ismail Habbash | 31 minutes

We like life tomorrow

Ismail Habbash 2008 docu 31 min.

Director Habbash has produced some of the most exciting and original
"social cinema" projects in Palestine over the past decade. Working with
fiction and documentary, his work has consistently attended to the
experiences of ordinary Palestinian people under occupation, offering them
access to the video medium and bringing their voices unvarnished to the
wider public in Palestine and abroad. In this bold new project, he goes
even further, inviting three Palestinian families to document their own
daily lives. Having trained and equipped a family in Gaza, one in the rural
outskirts of Jenin in the northern West Bank, and another in the cave
dwelling regions to the south of Hebron, Habbash edits and assembles three
remarkable ten minute portraits and presents us with a composite sketch of
daily life for the ordinary people of Palestine, through their own eyes.