We cannot go there now, my dear (2014)

Origin: Lebanon Syria Palestine | Documentary | Director: Carol Mansour | 42 minutes

We cannot go there now, my dear

Carole Mansour, docu 42 min. 2014, Libanon, Syriƫ, Palestina.

Palestinian refugees have been living in Syria since they were forced to
Syrians have been affected by the war. Their story, however, is more
complex. By fleeing Syria and seeking refuge in Lebanon, they are becoming
a special category: the twice-displaced. This film tells part of their
story-a story in which memories have been awakened between one exodus and
the next. loss permeates all things and invades the soul. and lives are
continuously being re-improvised, awaiting a return to the homeland.

trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K9sS9mRGXWA

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