We are here - young Gaza on stage (2016)

Origin: Palestine | Documentary | Director: Sabrina Dittus | 55 minutes

We Are Here - Young Gaza on Stage

by Sabrina Dittus, Palestine 2016, Docu, 55 min

After the first Israeli attack on Gaza 2008-9, the ASHTAR theater in
Ramallah organized a global project following Augusto Boal's Theatre of the
Oppressed methods: 31 Gazan youths aged 14-18 engaged in intensive
workshops and developed monologues expressing their dreams, fears,
frustrations, and aspirations before, during, and after the war-memoirs of
22 days of living hell during which at least 1,380 Palestinians died, 431
of whom were children. On October 17, 2010, children from 40 countries
performed the monologues simultaneously starting in Gaza. The theatre-play
has since been presented in over 40 countries-but never by the writers
themselves, because Israel would not allow them to leave the besieged and
militarily enclosed Gaza Strip.

In 2016, after two more Israeli wars on Gaza, seven of the youths are
invited to perform their Monologues at a Festival in Ramallah. For all,
this would be the first time ever to visit the West Bank, also part of
their homeland and a mere 1.5 hours' drive away.

We Are Here accompanies these seven youths while they wait for the decision
about their travel permits, hardly daring to hope.

Info and trailer: http://pepperlint.com/die-neuen-gaza-monologe/?lang=en
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