Cyber Palestine (2005)

Origin: Palestine ? | Fiction | Director: Elia Suleiman | 15 minutes

Cyber Palestine

Elia Suleiman

In Cyber Palestine, a tale of a modern-day Mary and Joseph, we see Joseph
searching on a Yahoo! search page for "cyber Palestine." The camera focuses
on the computer screen and we see an advertisement flickering, "Get your
Web Address before someone else does." The webpage "Palestine" is "Under
Construction," we discover.
When Joseph gets a message from Gabriel (via mobile phone) to take Mary
back to Bethlehem where she will give birth, he clicks on "Home" on the web
browser, which takes him to the Palestine webpage, and then
grabs a large old key and takes off with Mary on a motorcycle. In this
modern adaptation of the story, Mary and Joseph are in Gaza, the modern-day
Nazareth, and make a journey through checkpoints to Bethlehem.
With the scattered Palestinian territories and the difficulties of a
journey from Gaza to Bethlehem (also recalling the difficulties of the New
Testament version), Palestine becomes a virtual entity. But even on the web
Palestine is not whole and is under construction, and thus the concept of a
virtual return is also difficult.


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