Cinema Palestine (2014)

Origin: Canada | Documentary | Director: Tim Schwab | 79 minutes

Cinema Palestine

Tim Schwab 2014 | Documentary | 79 min

"What does it mean to be a Palestinian filmmaker in the context of national struggle?"
Cinema Palestine asks how "Palestinian cinema" has been understood by prominent directors.
Canadian filmmaker and academic Tim Schwab's feature-length documentary explores the life and work of several generations of Palestinian filmmakers. Cinema Palestine presents excerpts from signal works alongside in-depth interviews with directors living in the Middle East, Europe, or North America (including Hany Abu-Assad, Azza el-Hassan, Sobhi al-Zobaidi, Mai Masri, Tawfik Abu Wael, Annemarie Jacir, and many more).

Despite their diverse biographical experiences and their varying artistic or political concerns, are these filmmakers expressing a particular 'national' cinema?
Cinema Palestine is a poetic documentary project exploring the emergence of a Palestinian cinema in recent years, and documenting the similar and differing conceptions of land and space in Palestinian cinema.

(Please note that this clip for CINEMA PALESTINE is a short assembly of raw footage designed to give a sense of the larger film.
This being the case, the color correction, sound and subtitles were used for purposes of this clip and will be upgraded in the final cut. Also, excerpts from the films of the Palestinian filmmakers have been 'slugged' from DVD footage, and will be replaced by original quality footage in the final work)


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