Bil'in Habibti (Bil'in My Love) (2006)

Origin: Israel | Documentary | Director: Shai Carmeli Pollak | 85 minutes

Bil'in habibti (Bil'in my love)

Shai Carmeli Pollak documentary Israel 2006 85 min.

The village of Bil'in is about to lose over a half of its territory to the
Wall and to the settlement of Modi'in Elite. The residents of the village
decide to embark on a struggle against the construction of the barrier and
are joined by international and Israeli activists. Director, Shai Carmeli
Pollak joins the village's struggle for over a year, focusing on two
central figures: Mohamed, a member of the village's local committee against
the wall, and Wagee, farmer and father of ten, who is losing the majority
of his land to the wall and the settlement. The film reveals the
relationship formed between the villagers and activists, against the back
of their struggle. The film explores a struggle for nonviolent resistance
and exposes the military's use of undercover infiltrators (mustaravim) in
order to "justify" the use of brutal force against villagers and activists


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