Al Helm: Martin Luther King in Palestine (2013)

Origin: USA | Documentary | Director: Conny Field | 96 minutes

Al Helm: Martin Luther King in Palestine

CONNIE FIELD USA, 2013, 96 minutes, digital, Color

In Person: Director/Producer Connie Field (guest appearances are subject to
[pic]In March 2011, a Christian gospel choir and American academic and
playwright Dr. Clayborne Carson travelled to the Holy Land to tour the West
Bank with a Palestinian production of a play about the too-short life and
tumultuous times of pastor, activist, humanitarian, and civil rights leader
Martin Luther King, Jr. The resulting cultural exchange, creatively
exciting, often emotionally charged, and not without tension or tragedy,
gives each group a greater understanding of the other and unites them in
the common and inspiring bond of artistic endeavor. Amongst the most
popular works at the recent, prestigious Vancouver International Film
Festival, the new film from Connie Field, director of The Life and Times of
Rosie the Riveter and Have You Heard From Johannesburg, Al Helm-Arabic for
"the dream" and an apt metaphor for both Dr. King's work and the goals to
which this troupe aspire-is a transformative experience.-Eddie Cockrell
In English, Arabic, and Hebrew with English subtitles

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