4th Floor (2018)

Origin: Palestine | Fiction | Director: Shayma’ Awawdeh | 7 minutes

Seeking privacy and independence, a young woman leaves her family and moves to a new apartment. While moving her things in the elevator, excited to start her new life on her own, she discovers the unexpected waiting for her.

About the filmmaker: Palestinian filmmaker and cinematographer, born in 1994. Shaima holds a Diploma in Documentary, and completed her BA in Film Production at Dar Al-Kalima University College. She works as a children's trainer to make films and was part of the Palestine Cinema Days festival, organised by FilmLab Palestine. She worked as a teacher's assistant for a Photography course at DAK, and has worked as an administrative assistant in Fine Arts Department at DAK. Shaima created ‘Power Group’ in 2012 with a group of young people.