138 Pounds in my pocket (2009)

Origin: Palestine Israel | Documentary | Director: Sahera Dirbas | 19 minutes

In 1948, following the UN partition plan for Palestine, fighting broke out between Arabs and Jews. In April that same year, the young teacher Hind Al Husseini came across a large group of young children in Jerusalem. They were survivors of the massacre in Deir Yassin. Husseini took them in and established an orphanage in her Jerusalem home. Today, Dar alTifl alArabi is the largest Palestinian orphanage, providing education for more than 1,500 pupils. This new documentary by Sahera Dirbas (Stranger in My Home) asks how Husseini and her successors have each filled gaps left by the absence of a state able, or willing, to provide adequate welfare for disadvantaged children. Part biographical, it offers unique insight into the commitment and personal struggle of a remarkable Palestinian woman.

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