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Arab Labor
Arab Labor (2013)
Origin: Israel | Fiction | Director: Shay Kapun | 48 minutes

Arab Labor focuses on the hilarious escapades of Amjad and his attempts to fit into Israeli-Jewish society

Arab Labor Season 3
Arab Labor Season 3 (2012)
Origin: Israel | Fiction | Director: Shay Kapun | 48 minutes

Amjad and his family’s adventures as they make constant efforts to fit in after relocating from their Arab village to the heart of Jerusalem

Arab Movie
Arab Movie (2015)
Origin: Unknown | Documentary | Director: Sagui, Eyal | 60 minutes

The movie explores the institution of the Friday afternoon 'ceremony' of watching Arabic film

Arafat & I
Arafat & I (2008)
Origin: UK | Fiction | Director: Mahdi Fleifel | 15 minutes

Marwan is a Palestinian in love. He's finally met Lisa, the girl he's going to marry. Everything about her is perfect - she was even born on the same day as Chairman Arafat! But does Lisa know the significance of this coincidence?

Arba'a Aghani Li Filasteen (Four songs for Palestine)
Arba'a Aghani Li Filasteen (Four songs for Palestine) (2001)
Origin: Palestine | Fiction | Director: Nada el-Yassir | 13 minutes

Death has become very much part of daily life on the West Bank and Gaza

Archaeology of Ownership / ארכיאולוגיה של בעלות
Archaeology of Ownership / ארכיאולוגיה של בעלות (2012)
Origin: Israel | Documentary | Director: Noga Almi Hantke | 9 minutes

The film examines the way that ownership of archeological history in Jerusalem acquires validity in the present through ownership of the land

Area C
Area C (2018)
Origin: Palestine | Documentary | Director: Salah Abu Nimah | 10 minutes

Young Hussain is trying to defend his house from the settlers so he can stay there with his parents

Area Time
Area Time (2019)
Origin: Jordan | Documentary | Director: Tasneem Abu Sokkur | 8 minutes

Youssef Ashish is a young man who faces numerous obstacles that put a strain on his dream of boxing

A Reel War: Shalaal
A Reel War: Shalaal (2021)
Origin: Israel | Documentary | Director: Karnit Mandel | 60 minutes

An Israeli archive rearcher finds never-before-seen footage about historical events of the conflict from the Palestinian viewpoint.

Arna's children
Arna's children (2003)
Origin: Unknown | Documentary | Director: Juliano Mer Khamis | 84 minutes

Arna Mer Khamis was a legendary Israeli activist against the occupation