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White oil
White oil (2013)
Origin: Unknown | Documentary | Director: Judy Price | 60 minutes

Documentary about the quarries in the Occupied Palestinian Territories

Wifi Rider
Wifi Rider (2020)
Origin: Palestine | Documentary | Director: Roxy Rezvany | 13 minutes

A young Palestinian turns to the internet as he struggles to shape his identity under the pressures of life in East Jerusalem.

Wilders: the movie
Wilders: the movie (2010)
Origin: Netherlands | Documentary | Director: Joost van der Valk - Mags Gavan | 70 minutes

Examination of a global alignment of farright and Islamophobic political forces

Window (2017)
Origin: Palestine | Fiction | Director: Ali Okeh | 7 minutes

A young boy makes plans for the ultimate trip

Witch Hunt
Witch Hunt (2019)
Origin: UK | Documentary | Director: John Pullman | 62 minutes

Accusations of antisemitism against Jeremy Corbyn and other Labour leaders

With Abu Jamal
With Abu Jamal (2019)
Origin: Norway/Denmark/Palestine | Documentary | Director: Siri Nerbø | 36 minutes

The social arena of a cigarette shop in Ramallah

Within the Eye of the Storm
Within the Eye of the Storm (2012)
Origin: Palestine/Israel | Documentary | Director: Shelley Hermon | 52/68 minutes

Two fathers, one Palestinian, one Israeli, lost their daughters but find comfort in their friendship

With Premeditation
With Premeditation (2014)
Origin: Palestine | Fiction | Director: Arab Abu Nasser - Tarzan Abu Nasser | 5 minutes

What praying can bring about when it is only performed for the sake of social status

Wolf's Milk
Wolf's Milk (2021)
Origin: Jordan | Documentary | Director: Munir Atalla | 9 minutes

Abdullah, a deaf blacksmith from Wahdat Jordan navigates the care, stigma, and superstitions that often accompany disability in his community.

Women beyond borders
Women beyond borders (2003)
Origin: Egypt | Documentary | Director: Jean Chamoun | 58 minutes

This film turns the camera on female exinmates of the notorious Khiam prison, run by Israel in southern Lebanon until 2000