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We like life tomorrow
We like life tomorrow (2008)
Origin: Unknown | Documentary | Director: Ismail Habbash | 31 minutes

Three Palestinian families document their own daily lives

West Beirut
West Beirut (1998)
Origin: France | Norway | Lebanon | Belgium | Fiction | Director: Ziad Doueiri | 105 minutes

A semiautobiographical account of Doueiri´s childhood in Lebanon during the civil war

West ... East
West ... East (2006)
Origin: Unknown | Fiction | Director: Rina Khoury | 8 minutes

A snapshot of the expulsions of 1948

Western Arabs
Western Arabs (2019)
Origin: Denmark/Netherlands | Documentary | Director: Omar Shargawi | 77 minutes

Family documentary about relationship Palestinian father & son living in Denmark

What everybody knows
What everybody knows (2006)
Origin: Unknown | Documentary | Director: Ayreen Anastas - René Gabri | 118 minutes

Encounters with people struggling, resisting, surviving, suffering and living everyday lives.

What's next?
What's next? (2004)
Origin: Unknown | Fiction | Director: Ghada Terawi | 40 minutes

In 2002 Israeli troops armed invadedRamallah with tanks and aerial support

What Walaa wants
What Walaa wants (2018)
Origin: Palestine | Documentary | Director: Christy Garland | 89 minutes

A bullheaded Palestinian girl decides to become a police officer

When Are You Coming Back, Kees?
When Are You Coming Back, Kees? (2019)
Origin: Netherlands | Documentary | Director: Kees Schaap & Mark Schaap | 54 minutes

After 30 years filmmaker Kees returns to the family his film couldn't save

When I saw you
When I saw you (2012)
Origin: Palestine | Jordan | Greece | United Arab Emirates | Fiction | Director: Annemarie Jacir | 93 minutes

Drama about the new refugees of the war in 1967

When pigs have wings (Le cochon de Gaza)
When pigs have wings (Le cochon de Gaza) (2011)
Origin: Belgium/Germany/France | Fiction | Director: Sylvain Estibal | 98 minutes

After a tempest fisherman Jafaar from Gaza finds a pig in his net